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DEALER alarm


BOAT alarm

Alarm with dialler

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If you need a CARAVAN or BOAT ALARM or information about our factory fitted alarms, you are at the right place. Our site is packed with information about our products. Our reputation for being very helpful and efficient is well known throughout the industry.

We also manufacture a small range of industrial products and can design products to meet your specific requirements.

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Thank you for the excellent service you provided

yesterday. I spoke to you in the morning about the intermittent alarm problem with the Lunar caravan leg sensor and today I have fitted the free replacement which arrived in this morning’s post. It was a pleasure speaking to you and your diagnosis was correct. It is very reassuring and a pleasure to deal with your company.

Once again, fantastic service from you. I only wish your standards were representative of service providers generally

Fantastic after sales service, thank you so much. Will definitely make a point of looking for and recommending your alarm

A lot of companies could learn from your example. If I have any need for your products or services in the future, I will definitely come to you

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Industrial Electronics

Earth Leakage Sensor

Current Monitor

Mobile Lift Board

Keen Electronics - Earth Leakage Sensor. Keen Electronics - Current Monitor Keen Electronics - Boat Kit B

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Are you buying a new BAILEY caravan?

We hear that Bailey are no longer factory fitting alarms.

So shouldn’t you consider the comprehensive protection that our competitively priced Dealer Two alarm offers.

Protection includes you, the van’s contents, the van and the coupled combination. All for only £162-50.

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Do you need help in designing or manufacturing electronic or electro mechanical products or their test equipment.

We have designed a variety of products over the last 20 years. As well as the ones shown on  this page we have designed products including :-

Mileage monitoring system

Remote controlled lights

Load bank electronics

Bath Lift controller

Retail display unit

Power supplies

Remote alarms

Tilt monitor

We can carry out a feasibility study,  help in designing or building a prototype or arrange pre-production runs. Our close links with local PCB and transformer manufacturers ensures prompt  help when you need it.

We currently supply a major water treatment company with our Earth Leakage Sensors and a well known lift manufacturer with controllers for scissor lifts.

Our caravan alarms and light controllers have been fitted by several household name caravan manufacturers for many years

Being a small company means that we can be flexible and are happy to provide you with whatever part of the service or product that you need.

For an initial, no obligation discussion please contact Malcolm Keen on

01296 423 203

or e-mail


 Learn more about caravan electrics

Malcolm’s easy to read guide is packed with useful information and is only £9-80.

Read what one purchaser wrote

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Do you own a AVONDALE or LUNAR caravan fitted with our AVENGER alarm.

Why not convert it to remote control ?

Takes 5 minutes costs £126 No more trying to get the key in the alarm in the dark

One customer said :-

I’ve just purchased the Avenger upgrade for my Lunar caravan and it is a great product. I read the instructions before installing it and it did only take 5 minutes to fit. I now have a remote control on an alarm that gives an audio signal when it’s armed and disarmed. I wish I had upgraded sooner

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